Hire Our Yurt - The Barrow Den


Daytime Hire

Our  Barrow Den Yurt is a unique and flexible space for meetings and small events for up to 12 people (‘board room style’). It is off-grid and environmentally friendly -  we aim for sustainable, plastic-free, re-cycled, up-cycled, handmade, locally-made or homemade. It is heated by a wood burning stove, lit by solar and rechargeable battery lighting and water is via a free standing foot-pump operated sink.


You can hire the Barrow Den Yurt for a half day (4 hours) and full day (8 hours) at a cost of £150 per day. Discounts of up to 50% are available for community groups, charities and social enterprises.

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Overnight Hire

We also have a limited number of overnight hires of the Yurt available for 2020. Suitable for family groups or small youth group camps of up to 6 people. Additional tents can be pitched on the field.


Please get in touch to discuss a booking.

Team and Board ‘Away Days’ at Birkheads Wild

Birkheads Wild is a unique location for team meetings and away days using the Yurt and outdoor space.

We can co-design and facilitate your day, to ensure you get to focus on future planning for your organisation and build new connections and skills in the outdoors


Circus Central Board and Team Away Day
Circus Central Board and Team Away Day
Dance City Team Away Day
Dance City Team Away Day

Our Yurt space was made possible with the generous support of the Gillian Dickinson Trust.




If you want to learn more or to book a place please get in touch...