Alternative Education Provision

At Birkheads Wild we offer Forest School as part of a package alternative education provision for young people who may find it easier to thrive in the outdoors than in a classroom setting.

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We run small group or 1:1 sessions part time (usually half day sessions) focusing on the needs and interests of the young people in a nurturing way which builds up trust and self confidence, resilience, new skills and mental and physical health and wellbeing.

What our visitors say...

"We started using Birkheads Wild with our Nurture Provision. Immediately the positive impact from this provision was apparent and it supported our Thrive Therapeutic Approach. The students got to play, experience joy and build positive relationships.

The students absolutely love the Birkheads Wild approach. After 12 months of weekly visits, we have now extended this to a whole school provision and it is fair to say that it is the highlight of the students week.

We cannot wait to grow our networks and working relations with Birkheads Wild. The team are also supporting our journey in creating our own Forest School setting which is an amazing opportunity for our learners and staff."  


Victoria Southern, Access and Inclusion Lead 

River Tyne Academy , Gateshead
(Pupil Referral Unit)

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