About Us

Who We Are

OUR MISSION: We believe that getting outdoors is important to every aspect of our health and wellbeing, and crucial to our understanding of the world around us. We want to help local young people (and their families) to discover, explore and enjoy the outdoors and share our passion with them.

Birkheads Wild grew from our passion for the outdoors into a place for free range humans.

We LOVE: wild camping, getting grubby, growing naturally, smelling of woodsmoke, "leaving no trace", looking after wildlife, simple fun, learning about nature, home made stuff, going wild, being off-grid and generally playing out.

Secluded and surrounded by trees, our site is off-grid, car free, with a gorgeous composting toilet and parachute covered group camp fire area.

We have developed the site in an environmentally friendly way, and aim to leave no trace at every camp. We re-use and recycle almost everything on site and we buy local wherever possible.

Our Team

We'd like to introduce you to the people behind Birkheads Wild...

The Directors

Our Directors give up their time to help the organisation as volunteers, and bring a wealth of experience to the social enterprise.

Fiona O’Connor
Founding Director Fiona O’Connor
Gemma Messenger
Director Gemma Messenger
Alison O’Connor
Director Alison O’Connor
Ellie Turner
Director Ellie Turner

Young Volunteers & Youth Board

We always want the voices and needs of young people to be at the heart of what we do here, so we are working hard to help get local young people involved in volunteering, managing the social enterprise, making decisions and shaping ideas for the future. We have regular Young Volunteers and are launching a Youth Board for Birkheads Wild.

Meet some of our Young Volunteers...


Chloe Robson, age 10
Youth Board Chloe Robson, age 10
Thomas Welch, age 12
Youth Board Thomas Welch, age 12
Youth Board Marysia Manson, age 10
Catherine O’Leary, aged 10
Youth Board Catherine O’Leary, aged 10



People we like and who like us

The support, advice, wisdom and guidance of some great people and organisations helped get us here. Thank you for believing in Birkheads Wild...


Things to do nearby

This is a gorgeous spot - our corner of rural Gateshead and County Durham order offers loads to see and do nearby...

Acorn Guy

What is (almost) wild camping anyway?

What to expect when you visit us


If you want to learn more please get in touch...