Bushcraft Sessions

Learn how to thrive in the outdoors at Birkheads Wild

bushcraft cordage
teamwork making reed mace cordage
success at firelighting workshop!
success at firelighting workshop!
Firelighting - collecting our sticks
Firelighting - collecting our sticks

building outdoor confidence

Developing your outdoor confidence and skills in bushcraft will enable you to survive, thrive and enjoy the outdoors.

The whole ethos of bushcraft  helps you to reconnect with our ancestors: re-learning lost skills and considering how things could be done differently.

When you spend time developing bushcraft skills with us you will also improve your ability to switch off your brain from the stresses of daily life, disconnect from modern living  and reconnect with the outdoors. How good does that sound?


Our approach

Our approach to bushcraft is about feeling comfortable, confident and relaxed in the outdoors. Along the way you'll also learn basic survival skills, and more about nature and the world around you. Then you'll be able to pass it on to others.

cordage bushcraft gateshead

team bracelets made from reed mace cordage

our sessions

roe deer nature gateshead


Our bushcraft sessions can be booked separately, bolted-on to an overnight camp or as part of a half or full day here 'in the wild'. We'll adapt each session to the needs, abilities and interests of your group. Sessions include:

  • Making Fire - learning to light fires using primitive methods
  • Fieldcraft - learn how to get closer to nature without it running away!
  • Tracking -  feeding signs, poos and clues - its more than just footprints!
  • Shelter - discover man-made and natural shelters and have a go at constructing them
  • Cordage - making natural string using the plants around you and we can also teach you how to make the classic paracord bracelet
  • Foraging  Guided Walk - discover the uses of the trees and plants around you

bushcraft tracking gateshead

tracking - examining poos and clues


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